The photographer Albert Olivé

Professional photographer who manages to capture not only historical events, but also the emotions behind them.

Albert started his professional career in 1979 at the newspaper Avui, followed by Noticiero Universal, where after three years he became part of the Catalunya Sud team in the city of Tarragona. The experience gained during that time strengthened his skills, which afforded him an opportunity to work for EFE News Agency. Since then, many of his pictures have featured on the front page of newspapers and have illustrated numerous events. Pictures of politicians, artists and high-ranking figures who have marked a turning point in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia have been captured by his camera. His work stands out in the sports arena, a field in which he has undoubtedly become a point of reference.

Albert Olivé has developed most of his work within the EFE News Agency, for which he covered demonstrations of many kinds, such as union protests, demonstrations for the freedom of political prisoners and community movements.

His are not just pictures – Albert’s lens revives and denounces events in a way that is the equal of the written word, and often with even greater impact.

The reason a photographer decides to devote himself to photojournalism is an evidence of his commitment to the reality that surrounds him. For Albert Olivé, social unrest at the time of the transition to nascent democracy in Spain, together with the social movements of that era, were key to making this decision.

“It was impossible to stay out of the events; there were moments of uncertainty and fear, people went out onto the streets, there were many strikes, attacks, social turmoil and freedom slowly took over the streets. “

It was in this context that Albert’s commitment became evident with the decision to become an active part in this transformation, and to lend his eyes and camera as witnesses and at the service of that new freedom of speech.


Professional photographer in Barcelona Albert Olivé

Photo: Joan Guerrero